Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 - I'm sure you will be interesting


It is my 2013 goal to actually blog :) I have set a small goal for myself of just 3 times a month, but I really hope to do more. I want to use this blog to keep myself accountable to some of my many other goals, projects and dreams. I'm also hoping that I get use to writing and start on some of the books I want to write. I'm not a writer----but I wasn't a runner either and I signed myself up for a half marathon and have found I enjoying hitting the pavement and running a few times a week (more on the marathon later).

To bring everyone up to date (not that any of you even know me), My husband and I purchased a house, it was vacant for almost a year, so we did and still do a lot of work to accomplish on the house. I plan on posting pictures and showing you our progress.

During Christmas we gained a new member of the family. My husband got me a dog! I will be honest I was nervous at first. I have had my chihuahua Lulu for going on 9 years and she has been my only child. Lulu is slowly becoming friends with Maggie. I find them playing, sharing the same bed and following each other all around the yard. I'm sure the two of them will give me plenty of stories to share.

Well that is about it folks! I live a pretty simple life of work, home life, and the occasional craftiness.

So post number one finished. Short and sweet ;)

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